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We maintain our physical activity and health through sports and games. Any type of game may engage our mind and spirit. The primary benefit of sports is that they preserve our health. The finest physical workout is provided by sports. Exercise is really important and beneficial. During play, blood flows and limbs move. The entire body is engaged. Strength and energy increase. It is believed that a healthy body is necessary for a healthy mind. The basis of all life is health.

On TV and other digital online media, people can watch any sports event happening anywhere in the world. The channels that broadcast some few sporting events are listed here.

Football : Football is one of the most popular sports in the world, it is also called as soccer in some countries. Villages, streets, streets, squares, and stadiums all arrange football matches. Two teams of 11 players each compete in football. The history of the football game, which has been famous since olden history, is still a secret to us. In British schools, football first emerged in the nineteenth century. Currently, football is the sport that the world follows the most.

With the establishment of “The Football Association” (Football Association), modern football was established in England. Soon after, football was played using the “Law of the Game,” which was created in 1863. The International Federation of Association Football, also known as the FIFA or Fédération Internationale de Football Association, is the body in charge of overseeing football on a worldwide scale (FIFA).
Cricket :  A bat and ball are used to play the team sport of cricket. The game is currently the most played one worldwide. There are now three formats for this game, primarily the five-day Test cricket, the one-day international, and the quick 20-over cricket (T200 International). The International Cricket Council is the main regulatory organization of this sport.



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