Get ready for a nail-biting cricket match as Nepal takes on Oman in the World Cup Qualifier. Both teams have already made it to the semifinals, but the game promises to be a real treat for fans.

Nepal has been doing well against Oman, especially in ODIs and T20Is. They’ve won a lot of their recent games, and that’s boosting their confidence for this important match. The match starts at 9 am Nepali time at the TU Ground. With home ground advantage and enthusiastic fans, Nepal is ready to shine.

Head-to-Head History: 

Nepal’s past wins against Oman are giving them confidence. Their star players, like Bhurtel and Seikh, are in great form.

This game may not change the semifinal line-up, but the love for the sport and national pride are driving these teams to put on a fantastic show.

Nepal’s Star Players:

Kushal Bhurtel: He’s been on fire with back-to-back half-centuries. Scoring big and playing aggressively makes him a key player.

Ashif Seikh: He’s great at forming strong partnerships at the start of the game, setting up Nepal’s innings.

Kushal Malla: An aggressive left-handed batsman, he recently scored a half-century against Malaysia.

Abhinas Bohora: He’s a wicket-taking specialist, especially in the final overs. He’s taken six wickets in the last two matches.

Gulshan Jha: He can bat and bowl, offering versatility to the team.

Sandip Lamichane: As a spinner, he’s Nepal’s secret weapon, taking important wickets.

Cricket fans can look forward to an exciting and competitive match between Nepal and Oman. It’s a game where skills, determination, and good sportsmanship will be on full display.

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