How to celebrate Birthday according to Nepali culture?

How to celebrate Birthday according to Nepali culture?

God’s gift of human life is priceless (nature). Birthdays are remembrances of the beginning of life. Greetings from families, friends, and followers. I wish life had more purpose. One can celebrate one’s birthday depending on the date of birth and the date of birth. The best, however, is determined by the day of birth. The greatest time to celebrate a birthday, according to Eastern philosophy and custom, is on the date of birth.

In the current situation, the practice of celebrating birthdays according to the date has increased in popularity; moreover, people who consider themselves modern and standard are doing so. The beginning of a person’s life on earth becomes unique, and the birthday commemorating that moment should be commemorated especially. As a result, the significance of a birthday celebrated on the date of birth is greater.

In the cycle of increased social media, technology use, and liberalization, Western traditions are getting simpler among us. If one’s traditions are meaningful and worth following, it’s reasonable to learn from them and modify them. However, even though their traditions are important and scientific, it is regrettable that they have forgotten their valuable traditions in favor of imitation. Nowadays, on the occasion of someone’s birthday, well wishes are sent via social media, the party is required, and the party is planned by the demand, whether the party likes to provide or not.

Birthdays are also strangely celebrated by cutting cakes and blowing out candles. The room where the birthday is celebrated is decked with balloons, plastic imitation flowers, and other decorations, whether it is a youngster or an elderly person. On the table, the cake is being prepared, along with a knife for cutting the cake and a candle for lighting. The prepared candles are burned in the presence of family, who applaud and say good birthday to you in a cheerful position. And the air extinguishes the burning wax. The cake is sliced with a knife, and it is first presented to a close friend or the person you think is the best, before being distributed to others.

This unusual tradition was taken in from another country. This practice arose as a result of mindlessly following the western tradition’s cycle. It is customary to have intercourse with family on birthdays, eat delicious cakes, exchange happiness, and light candles, however, it is considered unlucky in Eastern philosophy to celebrate birthdays according to the date or date, neglecting the date of birth.

If he has lived for 30 years, he should be at zero. This indicates that he was either not born or that his life had come to an end. So, on the one hand, turning out the lights on birthdays is regarded as unlucky in our Eastern thought, while on the other hand, turning off the lights signifies the end of life.

The number of candles burnt and extinguished, according to Western custom, equals the number of springs spent celebrating a birthday. Turning out the lights in equal numbers indicates that a certain number of years have gone, i.e., a certain number of years of total age have passed.

On the 30th anniversary, 30 lights are turned off while celebrating the birthday, implying that the full 30 years are dead, i.e., 30 years have been squandered. However, by the time a person reaches the age of 30, he has accomplished a great deal. The groundwork for future life has already been created. So, rather than squandering his entire 30 years, he is making the most of his current existence. If he has lived for 30 years, he should be at zero.

This means that he was not born or that his life has ended. So, according to our Eastern worldview, turning out the lights on birthdays is unlucky, yet turning off the lights also implies that life has come to an end. This begs the question of why birthday bulbs should be lit.

How do you commemorate your Birthday?

The way we celebrate Janmotsav is different according to our customs. You can burn as many lamps as there are birthdays in holy places, temples, and other religious sites. Following the Lord’s Aarti, Vaishnavas and Brahmins’ Aartis can be done using the same lamp. Our major goal is to keep the light that has been turned on from going out. If the lamp goes out, the person’s life will be taken away from him, and he will be besieged by sickness, among other things. Eastern philosophy understands it. Light is a good thing since it gives you energy. As a result, it is thought that keeping the lamp linked to light can promote positive thinking and increase energy levels. Because extinguishing a glowing lamp has a negative mental effect, Eastern philosophy advises keeping the lamp on.

Fast and Ashtchiranjeevi

Ashtachiranjeevi relates to eight famous people in Ashwastha, Bali Maharaj, Vyasadeva, Hanuman, Vibhishan, Kripacharya, Parashuram, and Markandeya Rishi who have received the life of Kalpam Kalpantar. It is said that by worshiping Ashtchiranjeevi on one’s birthday, one will live a long life, be free of ailments, acquire speed in life, and obtain the essential determination force for personality development. Worshiping Ashtachiranjivi, who is gifted with all qualities, is said to bring about the fulfillment of speech, resulting in the fulfillment of uttered words.

When people are unaware of the importance of such birthday celebrations and no one observes them, traditions dominate in the West. Positive thinking dominates in life because our Eastern culture is significant and encourages us to delight around God.

Birthday parties are times for joy and happiness.

The day of one’s birth is significant to everyone since it is the day when one’s mother’s fertility is verified, the day when the mother is glad to have children, and the day when the family is joyful. The date of your birth is crucial for anybody who can assess themselves and determine who they are. Anyone who wants to be happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy Every person’s approach to happiness and making others happy is unique.

Some people may enjoy going to restaurants and bars with their pals on their birthdays, while others may enjoy sharing sweets with their family members just by being vaccinated. Some folks are overjoyed when someone just wishes them a happy birthday.

Desires are being used to measure happiness; the smaller the desire, the more happiness. Life can be considered meaningful if happiness is present. As a reason, on birthdays, as much happiness as possible should be offered, and pleasure should be reciprocated. You can be happy by looking at your biological parents’ faces, making them happy, and remembering their accomplishments. It is possible to assist the destitute. Accepting life as a gift allows one to be grateful to God (nature).

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