How to Become Smarter: 10 Smart Tips to Become Smart

How to Become Smarter: 10 Smart Tips to Become Smart

The best ways to engage your brain and grow your intelligence are listed below so you can meet an ever challenges you face. You can  become a little smarter every week by following these 10 tips.
1. Keep your fitness up to be smart

To become smart, you must first maintain a healthy and fit physique. The first and most important step in becoming smart is to maintain a healthy physique. Regular exercise and yoga are recommended for staying fit. Your diet should also be given careful consideration.

“Health is wealth,” as the quote goes, relates to your real wealth. You should be aware of this and seek out new techniques to maintain your body in shape.

A fit individual is constantly the center of attention and does not appear to be affected by his age. Amitabh Bachchan is still working in films at the age of 79, thanks to his robust frame.

2. To be smart, read books.

Books are also essential for learning how to become smart. Without books, no one can become smart, especially in today’s world. Books contain valuable information. It takes an author years to publish a book, but we may learn about that author’s experience and expertise in only a few days by reading books.

Smart individuals are always reading. Elon Musk, Warren Buffet, and Bill Gates, for example, are avid readers. Bill Gates claims that when he leaves work, the first thing he puts in his bag is a book, followed by other items.

Elon Musk, on the other hand, feels that everything he has learnt in his life has come through literature. Warren Buffet, the world’s most successful investor, is believed to read 600 to 1000 pages every day.

3. Make a habit of writing to boost your brain.

Writing and reading are essential for being smart. “What is written on paper or paper is printed straight on the mind,” it is stated. You’ll also be amazed to learn that writing helps to alleviate stress and bad thoughts.

Write down any good ideas or thoughts that come to mind right away in a diary. You may also keep track of your small objectives in one spot so that you don’t forget them.

You can keep a private diary and write about your life events in it. Also, if you want to remember anything, write it down several times on paper. Make it a habit to write in order to improve your brain.

4. Be smart by exercising your brain.

It is vital to have a healthy mind in order to become smart and talented. You must train your mind to keep it healthy and sharp. Some folks may be wondering whether or not there is any thought experiment.

There are also brain workouts that keep it active and healthy. The following are some mind-training activities.

  • Learning new abilities by completing the puzzle
  • handwriting in reverse
  • chess playing
  • new language acquisition
  • playing video games (which use the brain more)
  • to meditate, do something you enjoy
  • Having a restful night’s sleep (this is also important)

5. Spend time with people who are intelligent.

Spending as much time as possible with people who are smarter than you is a simple way to become smart . These guys can teach you a lot. Don’t waste your time with those who are unable of instructing you.

Make friends with someone who knows a lot about finance if you want to improve your financial understanding.

It means that, whatever field you are in, you should attempt to make friends with and spend more time with the specialist in that subject. I’m not suggesting that you avoid becoming friends with folks who are less intellectual than you.

6. To become Smart Every day, discover something new.

To become smart , you must learn something new every day that you may apply in your daily life. Never stop learning and constantly be on the lookout for new information. You should learn something new every day, even if you are a housewife.

Learning something new has never been easier than it is now, thanks to the internet. You may learn how to cook new meals, how to exercise, how to design your house, or learn a new language.

7. Smart Suggestions Improve your financial skills.

Smart individuals aren’t always those who make a lot of money; rather, they are those who make effective use of their earnings. Money is important in today’s world. Money ensures your safety, allows you to live comfortably, and meets your necessities.

As a result, money should always be utilized responsibly. Every month, you should set aside a portion of your earnings and invest it wisely. You decrease your liabilities while increasing your assets.

If you spend ten lakhs on a new car, it is your responsibility. Every year, the cost of this vehicle will decrease. On the other hand, if you buy a home for ten lakhs, it is yours, and its value will rise year after year.

To become smart, you must improve your financial knowledge. You should also be aware of investing. There are some excellent books authored by well-known writers that might help you better comprehend money. The following are a few of these novels.

  • Robert T Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  • George S. Claeson, Babylon’s wealthiest guy
  • Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”
  • Sharad Komarraju explains how to make money using money.

8.Travel to different places and try something new.

Traveling to a new location is a special experience that may teach you a lot. A new place’s lifestyle, food, environment, and customs may teach you a lot.

Walking also refreshes the mind and body, as well as generating new vitality and freshness in the body. It lowers stress and improves memory and experiences. You should absolutely try going on a solo journey at least once in your life. This will make it easier for you to comprehend yourself and see your weaknesses or inadequacies.

“This is my trip, to identify myself with myself, not for the goals, nor for the ways.”

9. Don’t be a lazy slob.

If you want to understand how to become smart, you must first become active by eliminating lethargy. A slacker is perpetually behind and incapable of doing anything in life. That is why you must abandon the alas.

Do not put off critical tasks; get up early each morning, exercise, and keep your body as active as possible. To stay active, you’ll need to pay extra attention to your food.

10. Improve Smart Communication Skills

You must also pay attention to your communication abilities, or the way you speak, in order to become smart . Always speak about work, take care with your words, listen closely to the next person, talk straight, talk with your eyes in your eyes, and don’t be nervous when speaking.

The way a person speaks may be used to determine his personality to a significant extent. All of this must have been visible throughout the interview.

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